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Based on 74 reviews
Charcoal Face Soap

Love this soap! Clean, fresh feeling and not drying.

Bubble Box
Kathy L.

Very nice and as always I love the pleasant fragrances.

Love everything about these products!

From the superior ingredients, to beautiful packaging and presentation to the incredible smells, I LOVE these products! The soap dishes were perfect client and friend gifts for the holidays.

Cinnamon, Orange & Clove Organic Bar Soap
Deborah C.
Uniquely Christmas

This is my favorite soap scent, made only annually, I stock up. Why? Because the smell is uniquely Christmas or at least it is to me. Starting the day with the fragrances of cinnamon, orange & clove are comforting. I prefer more natural scents (lavender, vanilla, honey) over floral and I have yet to find anything like it.

Awakens the senses.

I think Eucalyptus is my favorite of the essential oils. Because it is made with organic products, it not only smells really, really good but I feel better about what I am putting on my body.

My adult daughters love the soap sock

The soap sock is a perfect size to add soap and wash and gently exfoliate skin. It is gentle, yet effective. The best thing is these are homemade with love and care. Ordered 2 more for my adult daughters and myself for Christmas.


I appreciate having the aromatic soaps available for gifts to my family members. I sent bars of the soaps last year as Christmas gifts and was told how much they enjoyed them. I've now made it a tradition in my Christmas giving.

Sally Roberts

Bubble Box
Deb C.
Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever!

Years ago my sweet daughter gave me a Gift Box of these soaps for Mother’s Day She was hoping that it would help me find something that worked on my allergy issues. It was a gold mine!! Finally an organic soap that worked, smelled great and offered me options. I immediately subscribed and have been a very happy member for several years. My husband and I look forward to our box every quarter. In addition, all these products go with us as we check off our travel destinations around the world. Best soap ever!!! Thanks to our daughter and to Sandy and Erin for these great products!!

My favorite organic soap!

This soap makes me feel so clean and does not irritate my skin! I love knowing that I am not putting any chemicals on my body! A lot of companies say they are organic and don’t have any toxic ingredients, but they really do! This company is honest and only has pure organic nontoxic ingredients! I will be a customer for life!!

Perfect Gift

I gave a sampler box to a coworker who recently moved, as a small house-warming gift. She has thanked me each time after she begins using one of the bars! The variety and complexity of the fragrances are so wonderful.

Charcoal Soap and Soap Sock

A wonderful product that leaves me clean, doesn't use harsh chemicals, and I really like the fragrance. I'm a guy who didn't care much about which soap, but have seen the light. The soap sock is a wonderful product that acts like a face cloth, is made or all organic hemp, and does a wonderful job of gently cleaning your skin. Also makes it much easier to use the soap while it's wet. Definite recommend!

Simply wonderful!

Smells amazing! Very fast shipping and thoughtful packaging.

Simply amazing soap

Smells so unique! I love it , good quality and last for long time

My husband's favorite soap!

My husband loves this soap! He loves that his skin doesn't feel filmy or dried out after using this soap compared to other bar soap he has used. The scent is amazing and our bathroom smells so nice after his morning shower.

Best product for cracked / dry hands

Lots of excellent products out there for dry cracked skin - but nothing better than this. This lotion bar literally fixes your dry skin in a matter of minutes. For serious cracked skin - apply to hands and feet after a shower, let it work overnight. Outstanding.

Cinnamon, Orange & Clove Organic Bar Soap
My favorite

This is my favorite winter soap, the cinnamon smell is bold and fills up the shower.

I love my organic soap!

Great Soap

Both my husband and son love this soap! It smells great and my 23 year-old son lets me know when he gets low on this soap so I can order more.

This lotion bar ever!

This lotion bar is the best! It the only lotion that I have found which truly moisturizes my hands and fingertips.

Great Christmas Gift

My daughter will be very pleased to get the two bars of soap for Christmas.

Soap Sampler Box
Patricia R.
Sandy’s soaps are inspired!

Pure ingredients With inspired scent combinations, all creatively packaged with tender loving care!

Truth in Advertising!

I can understand why you have "good" and "clean" in your business mantra, because that is how the Man Bar makes me feel - good and clean. Jaynie loves it too!

Great Soap For Anyone

I have this in the crochet soap sock and use daily. It's perfect for those who do not want a strong scent. Although I do love all the scents as well. Good buy for a gift.

Love This Soap Sock

Great in the shower. Stays clean and easy to use. Love that it was hand made by one of the owners mother. May be buying more as gifts.

Thank you for sharing your review Kellie! We love sharing our family business with you!