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Ingredients You Can Trust

You deserve to use only the best natural ingredients on your skin. It makes all the difference on how your skin looks and feels.  At Simply Organic Soap we choose organic, plant-based oils, butters & essential oils to create products you can trust.

Our ingredients are always Vegan, Cruelty Free, Non GMO, Paraben Free, Natural, Eco Friendly.  You will not find any harmful chemicals in our products.

A Soap Making Process that’s Worth the Wait

We use the Cold Soap Making Process to create all our soaps in small batches by hand.  It takes times, it costs more, but we do it to retain all the powerful benefits of the essential oils and plant essence to provide you with an amazing bar of soap.   It smells amazing in the Simply Organic Soap Kitchen and Soap Room!

We blend the organic base ingredients individually then add our essential oils and other natural additives.  (We do not use pre-made soap bases.) It’s all from scratch from our proprietary soap formula by our in-house makers.

Once our soaps are made, unmolded and cut, they cure for additional 4 weeks for the soaps to harden and be ready for use.  You can’t rush the process.  Well – Actually you can but then you diminish the powerful benefits of the essential oils and plant essences and we would never do that.

The final product is an amazing bar of soap that gives you the benefits of an aromatherapy treatment and leaves your skin healthy and glowing.

Our goal - A Spa Day Every day for Everyone!