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Erin here - time to lift the curtain on one of our processes, holiday soap blend selections.

Today, after a lemongrass flower soap making session, we sat down to determine our holiday soap blends. Do we go fruity (grapefruit, lemon)? Do we go spicy (rosemary, spearmint)? Do we go subtle (lavender, eucalyptus)? Our promise to you is that we will never make a soap that we wouldn’t use ourselves, today, we stuck to that promise.

We have a trio of holiday essential old blends; the peppermint fir needle and cinnamon orange clove are the regulars, the third is our rotation spot. For that third spot, the suggestion of a sage essential oil came up. Now, Sandy and I are not only business partners, we are best friends so without thought I said (loudly) ‘I do not want to smell like a roast chicken so sage is out!”

Have a great weekend friends full of good clean fun knowing that we will not let you smell like a roast chicken.

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