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At Simply Organic Soap located in Dallas, TX we use only the best, natural ingredients we can find in our cold process, which retains all the wonderful benefits of our essential oils and organic base oils. We pride ourselves on creating a spa experience every time you use our soap, and we know our customers appreciate our natural ingredients and the benefits our high-quality oils provide.

It’s just good. clean. fun.

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Organic Lotion Bar handcrafted in Dallas infused with Lemongrass Essential Oil.
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Are you Crazy Busy?   Do you need a Spa Day?  Yea me too!

Do you have time for that? Uh NO!

Good News! – Simply Organic Soap is handcrafted just for YOU right here in Dallas!

Using only Organic, hydrating base oils and Essential plant oils we have developed handcrafted soaps in Dallas, TX that will give you the benefits of essential oil therapy in a bar soap that cleans as well!

Using a little bit of science and lot of nature we created our unique recipe of soaps that sure to invigorate the senses!  No synthetic fragrances or additives are are used.  The result … you get all the benefits of essential oil therapy while you take your morning shower!

It’s just good. clean. fun.

  • good. – You gotta feel good!  You get the physical and emotional benefits of essential oils right from your tub or shower every day!  Step out of shower ready to face the day or wind down for a great nights rest without breaking the bank!
  • clean. – You gotta get clean!  Organic base oils are soaponified to give you exceptional cleansing properties while leaving your skin glowing and hydrated!
  • fun. – You gotta have fun!  You get to have fun trying different aromatherapy scents and skin treatments anytime you want and we had a Blast creating these amazing soaps!